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I lay in bed silently, staring at the ceiling. I could hear Ariana in the other room. I knew she was worried about me but that didn’t mean I had to do anything about it. I reached my hand out in front of my face clenching and unclenching it. I called a little fireball into my hand, finding a kind of comfort in the warmth and glow. A comfort that didn’t last long.

    I growled softly and extinguished the fire. The powers were much easier now, they came as naturally as breathing. I got up from my bed and headed to my closet, staring at it with contempt. I huffed and slammed the closet door before leaving my room and storming down the hall. I grabbed my shoes, ignoring the look Ariana was giving me as I walked out the door barefoot. It was chillier than I had thought it would be and silently I chastised myself for being so angry that I didn’t bring a jacket.

    I slowly started my walk toward Newark. I would do whatever I needed to forget the phone call, the embarrassment of having been seen while I was chastised, forget all of it. Even if just for the night.

    I stumbled back home at around 2 in the afternoon. Sometime in the past 12 hours I had found a jacket and I was using the chest pocket to hold the pills I had swiped. I wasn’t sure what the hell they were, but that hadn’t stopped me before. I flopped onto the couch with a grunt and buried my face into the cushion.

    “Where have you been?” I heard Ariana ask from the hallway

    “Out,”  I wondered if my muffled voice could even be heard.

    “Okay, guess you could do a final hurrah before we follow the trail.”

She was always like this, so against confrontation. "What are we leaving today then? Your author friend said they wouldn't be there for like 5 days."

“Well, yeah. I just thought we could do some sightseeing on the way?” Ariana said, her voice wavering slightly.

"Sure. Why not..." I sat up, already feeling the effects of the drugs from earlier leaving my body. They never lasted long enough. I rubbed what I suspected were bloodshot eyes, "I'm not driving, I've been up all night."

“That’s fine with me. You can rest in the car. I’ll make sure that everything can fit in the trunk. C’mon up, up, up. You gotta pack otherwise I will and I can make really bad decisions.”

"And I could just walk around naked." I mutter standing up, my head spinning at the effort.

“You could, but I don’t think the world is ready for that yet.”

"Then they could buy me suitable attire. I'll go pack, well be gone what... Like a week?"

“Yeah, hopefully just a week.”

"Hopefully?" I ask raising my eyebrow at her, "What do you mean hopefully."

“Well...what if I decided to stalk them after meeting them?” Ariana asked with a little more than curiosity.

"Then I would say they kill things for a living."

“Yes, that is true. Family business and all that saving people, hunting things. It’s not like everyday they find a new creature to kill though.”

"They don't have to kill you every day, just once." I called over my shoulder as I stumbled into the bathroom. I cringed at my appearance and turned the sink on, splashing water on my face.

“They don’t kill humans unless they are as deranged as demons, or worse.” Ariana argued.

"I think stalkers may fall into that category.”

“I...not if they’re cute girls.” Ariana said, sounding more like she was trying to convince herself instead of me.

"Can't demons be cute though? What if one of them batted their eyelashes?" I stuck my head around the door fluttering my eyelashes, "Does that count?"

“Well...but we wouldn’t be affected by any of the demon test. We both went through the one that Becky had laid out.”

" She's certifiable." I muttered heading to my room, "Do you honestly trust her 'tests'? I mean she was convinced I was possessed until yesterday." I stuck my head back out my bedroom door and put my hands over my head like claws, "Cause I'm scurry." I could hear Ariana’s laughter.

“Well she followed what was done in the books. Holy water, demon trap, although the silver knife would be a test for shapeshifters and not demons. Iron knife would’ve been better for effectiveness.”

"See? She's a moron and couldn't even use the right knife." I went back in my room, "She was too afraid to cut me anyway."

“Like you said, You’re scurry." Ari said as she walked down the hall to her room.

I nodded and looked at the mirror on my wall, "Yeah... I am," I whispered before I started to pack my essential clothes. I shoved all of them into an old worn backpack, not worrying about their state. I walked into the hall and threw the bag into the living room. "Ari, how much have you packed?" I asked opening her bedroom door.

Ari looked over her shoulder, her room a total mess. “I uh...everything?” She shrugged with a sheepish grin.

"Only the essential items." I said bluntly, "we aren't going to a resort." Ari sighed and began to go through and repack only the things she would really need.

"That means leave the game systems too" I said pushing the clothes off a chair and sitting down in it. I could hear little mutterings from under Ari’s breath, cursing me.

“How’d you know?”

"Lucky guess, love." I crossed my legs and smirked, "Besides, you're driving and you said we were doing sightseeing. You have to suffer as much as I do." There was more grumbling and finally out came the game systems, one by one.

“Fine...but I’m at least bringing my favorite dvd’s.”

"I can't promise their care will be gentle."

Ariana pursed her lips together and gave a gentle glare. “That’s why they will be in my things and not yours.”

"You have to sleep at some point dear, and DVDs are not essential now are they?"

“But tv is just so boring nowadays. I need something entertaining for when I drift off to sleep. You know how bad I can get if I don’t have a movie.”

"You'll be tired after all the sightseeing and I'm sure there will be interesting things. Besides they may not even have a DVD player in whatever room we stay in."

“You know that won’t be never is.” Ari said as she looked at a picture on her bedside table. A picture of her with her parents, and 4 other siblings. The look on her face said how much she still hurt from that accident all those years ago. Honestly I didn’t know why she kept feeling awful for it. It wasn’t her fault for it, so she shouldn’t be regretting anything that happened. Her parents wouldn't want her to be sad. I watched her carefully for a moment as emotion flickered across her face.

"Fine, fine bring your silly movies," I said acting like I hadn't seen the look, "I haven't been sleeping much lately anyway, so it's not like it'll bother me much."

She looked over at me, obviously pushing the hurt back aside, "Is that because of that nightmare you had a while ago?"

I nodded, I had only told Ariana about the dream I had had, and even then I hadn't told her the details. But ever since then I had more energy, less need to sleep. I wished I could have blamed my storming out the night before on that, but I had been doing similar things for a long time.

I knew Ariana worried about me. I figured she worried about me for the same reason I went out. To distract herself from her own pain. “I think I’m done packing. I only have the essentials now. Clothes, my girly things and my DVD’s plus laptop.”

"OK, let's go then." I said standing up stiffly. I walked out the door and fumbled in the pocket of the coat pulling the pills out and popping them in my mouth quickly.

Ariana followed behind with her suitcase and messenger bag. She frowned, obviously having seen the pills, “So does any of this have to do with that phone call last night?”

I felt my body tense, "You could say that." I said through gritted teeth.

“Okay, I won’t push the subject.”

I looked at the ground, "Probably best." I could feel my skin heating up and shifted my feet uncomfortably. “Sorry, forget I brought it up. I didn’t mean to upset you.”

"It's fine... Just..." I growled and hurried down the hall. No one would have understood even if I had tried to explain it. “Just what?” Ari asked a concerned curiosity in her tone.

"Just drop it," I muttered, "It was a family thing."

Ariana was silent for a moment as her pace had slowed, before grabbing her keys from the kitchen table. “So that was your father…”

"Yes. I have to let him know where I am. So he can find me if need be," I grabbed my bag off the couch, I would never admit how much he scared me.

“Well, we can leave it at that then. Let’s get going, bring a pillow and blanket if you want for the backseat.”

I nodded at grabbed the ones off the couch, feeling drowsy already as whatever pills I had taken started to affect me, "Downers," I muttered to myself stumbling toward the door Ariana was holding.

I leaned against the wall as I walked down the hall. Taking a deep breath I steadied myself and headed down the stairs. “Do you need any help?”

I shook my head, "I got it... I... I just want to sleep. Actually sleep soundly and not wake up after a few hours."

Ariana nodded and opened the door to the outside world. “Brace yourself.”

I actually hissed when the light hit my face, it was painfully bright. I squinted until my eyes adjusted and quickly headed to the back seat of the car throwing the pillow and then myself into it. I could hear chuckling as the trunk squeaked open and slammed shut.

“Alrighty, time for our 6-8 hour drive! I will make sure to keep the music soft.”

I grunted and nodded as best as I could, my eyes shut tight. I could feel the pull of sleep taking over as the engine revved to life.

I sat up in the car confused as to why we weren't moving. I glanced out the window. The trees flew by as we passed them but the car felt stationary."What?" I whispered then gasped.

I felt like I had been punched in the gut, all of the air left my body and I crumpled into a heap. The pressure around me made me feel small but I forced myself to raise my head. A blond man sat next to me in the backseat, "Does my presence hurt you?" He asked, his voice smooth and charming, "I am sorry for your pain."

I struggled to breath, struggled to look at him.

"I know you are supposed to be a great weapon, " he pet my head a way I had once seen Ariana's father pet hers, "But you could be more."

He moved his hand away and I frowned, "Even now you speed toward my true vessel. Help me, help him say yes to me." He looked into my eyes and breathing became impossible. "You can do that right?"
I arrived home from work, feeling exhausted and slumped down onto the couch. I laid my keys on the coffee table and opened my laptop. “Time to spy on Becky. That bitch is not going to be #1 if I have anything to do about it.” I started hacking through the internet and into Becky’s computer. Something interesting popped up. A recording of a video chat with...CARVER EDLUND!!!! I jumped up from  my seat with a squeal, almost dropping my laptop.  I ran to my roommates room and banged on the door, “Hey Ryan. Come with me, we have a mission," I said grabbing her wrist when she answered and dragging her with.

    “A mission? And what do you really mean when you say Mission?”

    “I mean that we are going to have a lovely chat with Becky and get some information.”

    “And you’re bringing me why? Is it because Becky is convinced I’m possessed?”

    “Well...the intimidation is a big help.” I responds sheepishly. “Please?”

Ryan sighed shaking her wrist from my grasp, “Sure, fine. I wasn’t doing anything anyway. Plus it’s always fun to scare the nerd girl," She smirked.

I jumped for joy. “Thanks! I appreciate it. Now onward!”

Ryan rolled her eyes, “After you love.”

I lead the way for a couple blocks, when we finally found Becky’s home. I walked up to the door and started pounding on it. “BECKY! Open up!” I yelled. This went on for a good fifteen minutes.

“She’s not home.”

I looked down, disappointment on my face. I turned to my friend and gave a puppy pout. “Want to camp out with me until she gets back?”

“I would rather not sit out here in the elements, why don’t we wait at home and you can cyber stalk her some more and then when she’s back you can come and be crazy on her doorstep.”

I gave a long exaggerated sigh, but nodded in agreement. “Okay, I guess I can do that.” We turned and started the long walk back. “I have some beer at home. Wanna have one?”

    "Do you really have to ask? I'm always up for a pregame."

I smiled, cheering up a bit. Once home I went straight to the refrigerator, grabbing two beers. I grabbed my bottle opener and opened the beers before handing one to Ryan. I then went to the couch again and started up my laptop. I hummed a little tune to myself as my fingers glided over the keyboard. I clicked on the video to make it play. One screen had Carver Edlund, another had Becky, and both had voice so I could hear them. The wonders of technology. I took a swig of my beer, leaning my head back. “Hey, Ryan, what do you think about this?” I asked, pointing to my screen where the recording was playing. “If everything is real then...that would make demons real. Everything he wrote about isn’t actual fantasy or sci-fi.” I tapped my fingers on the keys again and it went to another screen, showing an empty room. I took a few more sips of my beer and started to feel a bit light headed. "I think I need to eat something with this.” I got up again from my place on the couch and went searching through the kitchen. I looked through the refrigerator and found some chicken. “You hungry?”

"Only for the souls of my enemies" she said flatly, not looking up.

I laughed and began to cook dinner. “What sides do you think we should have? Mashed bones?” I asked getting a potato and some cauliflower.

“Sure.” Ryan said as she finished her beer. I grabbed another beer out of the fridge and poured some into a pot, then placed the chicken in it. I spread some bbq sauce and just a pinch of brown sugar on top of it. Ryan helped make the sides and thirty minutes later we had our lunch. I got the plates ready and let Ryan get however much she wanted. We sat in silence and ate. It was like this a lot.

I was nearing half of my chicken when my computer started to beep. I looked over Ryan’s shoulder to see that Becky was now home and squealing with excitement. My nose scrunched up in annoyance. “Finally she’s back!” I said excitedly. I quickly finished most of my chicken and got up. Ryan looked up at me with a slightly irritated face. “This time we can ride in my baby, instead of walk.” I grabbed my keys, then went to my Camaro. I lightly let my hand drift on the hood of my car, remembering the good memories of sitting and watching my father build it. I got in on the driver’s side as Ryan got in the passenger side. I turned the key in the ignition and the engine roared to life. I smiled and backed out of my parking spot.

    A couple minutes later we were in Becky’s drive way. I quickly went up to her door and began to pound on it again. “Becky! Open up!” I yelled. I could hear shuffling inside and the door opened. The blond girl gave me the usual stink eye, but straightened up seeing I had Ryan by my side. “So, I hear that the books are real.” I said. She looked at me with surprise and she quickly shook her head,

“What are you talking about? The books are just fiction. Why would you even think that?”

    “Because you had a nice little video chat with the author. You aren’t #1 fan either. I suggest you tell me where they are now and your fanfictions will be safe from my wrath.”  She visibly gulped and her eyes shifted. “Fine, but you have to pass a few tests.” She said. She opened the door some more and suddenly my face was all wet. I closed my eyes and gave her a look of, ‘Seriously? You just threw water on me?’ “Holy water…” I pulled the collar of my shirt down to show my tattoo of the anti-possession symbol on my collar bone. “Yeah I don’t think I’m going to be possessed anytime soon.” Becky turned to Ryan and did the same thing, but Ryan turned her face to wipe the water off.

“Fucking damn, you got it in my eyes!” I thought for a moment that I had heard a sizzling sound as she had turned away, but her face looked fine when she turned back. “Well, I guess you aren’t possessed.”

    “Oh really? That’s so great to hear.” Ryan remarked with heavy sarcasm.

She let us in and her eyes went wide for a moment as Ryan passed through. “Okay second test done.” She lifted up the welcome rug showing a devil’s trap. “Third and final test.” She went to her kitchen and grabbed a small knife. “Silver test.” Ryan and I both rolled our eyes. “You guys can do it willingly or I can do it myself.”

Ryan gave her a deadly serious face, “I’d like to see you try.” Becky averted her eyes from Ryan and looked at me. “I thought it was demons, not shapeshifters.” Ryan said.

Becky and I just stared at her for a moment. “Fine...I know it’s you.” She placed the knife down on the little table near her couch. “What do you want to know?”

    “Where are the brothers going to be?” I asked. I wanted to meet them as soon as possible. “I’m not sure, but I’m sure Chuck would know.”

    “Chuck? I thought this guy was Carver something-or-other.”

    “It is, but authors don’t always use their real names when publishing their books.”

    “Well I guess that means you would like to use my computer?”

    “Yes, if it gets us out of here faster, then yes.”

Becky took us to her room and I took a seat at her chair. She put in her passcode to log in and I took the reins. “Okay this should be calling his computer.” I waited for a couple minutes before Chuck finally answered. “Oh...uh, hello. How did you--”

    “Long story short is I hacked you. My name is Ariana. Your real #1 fan. I send you a ton of things too and you decide to trust this lunatic with this precious information?”

    “Takes one to know one.” Mumbled Ryan.

Becky and I turned to her saying in unison, “Shut up, Ryan.”

    “So uh, what---what do you need to know?” Chuck asked looking a little skittish.

    “Just tell them where the denim coated wonder boys are," Ryan huffed.

Chuck gave a nervous cough and scratched the back of his neck. “Well I could tell you, but I don’t even know right now.”

    “You’re lying," Ryan said plainly, not even turning around.

Chuck stammered a bit and responded with, “They should be at the castle of forty two dogs atop a hill.”

I get up and speed towards the door to Becky’s room. “Let’s get going!”

    “Stop, what about work? What about the apartment? We don’t even know where this house of dogs is. Where will they be in a couple of days?”

    “Can-canton, Ohio.” Chuck said looking away. “In about 5 days.”

I couldn’t help the smile that popped onto my face. “Thank you so much Chuck! I will send you something amazing in the mail. You won’t regret this.” Ryan had her own smile, much different from my own. He said goodbye and ended the chat. “Now let’s go figure out the stuff for work and our apartment, pack, then go!”

    “Well, I’ll probably just quit my job, I’ve been there like 2 months so it’s about time to move on anyway… as for the apartment, this month is paid for…” Ryan paused, “I would just need to let my father know I was leaving,” she mumbled the last part to herself like she had forgotten anyone was around.

I just gave her a look of slight confusion, but shrugged it off. We both went home, relaxing for a bit. “Welp, I have to get ready for work.” I went to my room, changed and left, leaving Ryan to do god-knows-what at home.

    After doing what I needed to at work, giving no notice and turning in my apron to my shift manager. I turned and skipped out to the parking lot. I felt so, invigorated. I had never done something so reckless before, and it felt amazing! On my way home I stopped at the local grocery store and picked up some donuts to celebrate.

    When I arrived back at the apartment, I made my way to our door. I turned the knob and slowly opened it hearing Ryan’s voice, but her tone was different. She didn’t sound as confident as she normally carried herself. I watched from the crack in the door as Ryan stood in the living room on her cell phone.

    “Yes….I know bu-... LOOK just be glad I told you. I could have just left," She cringed, “I’m sorry… yes sir...yes sir.”

I walked in then and closed the door hard enough to just be heard. She quickly ended the call and turned to me. “I thought you were at work.”

    “I just quit. Who was that on the phone?”

    “No one important.”

    “Okay. I won’t pry.” I said, respecting her privacy. “I bought some donuts though to celebrate. You want one? They can make everything better.”

    “No. I’m just gonna go to bed.” She said and went to her room. I looked down to where she was standing and noticed two marks, singed into the carpet. I looked from the spot, down the hall to where Ryan was now sleeping, then back to the spot. It was a bit suspicious, but maybe it was just my eyes playing tricks on me
The Road Less Traveled Chapter 2
Ariana's POV. It will switch back and forth
Under ConstructionAriana sat silently in the car as it traveled down the deserted road. Her death grip on her crossbow only loosening slightly when she felt a familiar hand reach backwards and touch her knee. She smiled at the brunette in the front seat. Neither of them said what she was sure they were both thinking; this journey was very uneventful. Everything was too quiet.

    She removed her hand from the weapon and touched his hand for a moment before moving it up to her dirty pony tail. She twirled it nervously. At one point none of this had been real to her. She hadn’t thought to back then in what felt like forever. Back when getting her hair dyed the right color was her biggest concern. SHe didn’t notice the hand leave her knee as she reminisced about when life had been easy, even if it hadn’t seemed so at the time. Back then she had friends. Not comrades. Rivalries. Not life or death battles.

    She rested her head against the cool window and shut her eyes letting her mind wonder. Sleep now, you don’t know when you’ll be able to next. At one point that thought would have never crossed her mind. She drifted off to her memories and the soft talking near her.

As the car came to a stop she opened her eyes, the light glow of dawn was just beginning to peek its way onto the world.

“Come on, we walk from here.”

She nodded in agreement and got out of the vehicle, stretching as she took up her place in the rear. She looked around as she walked. It was still too quiet, they should have run into something by now. This was definitely wrong.

The group slowed down as they reached the targeted building. Quick hand signals and as one they crouched down, leaning up against old cars.

“There. Second floor window,” Dean turned and handed Cas the binoculars, “We go in there.”

“You sure about this?” Risa pipped up, her question reassuring Ariana’s concern.

‘“They’ll never see us coming.”

She bit the inside of her cheek.

“Trust me.” He said, not  entirely convincing

Still he had never lead them astray before. She told herself to trust him and tried to push her screaming instincts out of her mind.

“Now weapons check. We’re on the move in five”

She tuned the world out as much as she could. She looked over her crossbow then counted and recounted her bolts. SHe watched Dean walk off with his past self from the corner of her eye before returning a few minutes later alone. The look on his face sent a very clear message of “Don’t ask”. A message that was received loud and clear.

“Okay, Let’s move”

Ariana hopped up, taking her normal place bringing up the rear. Her weapon was slower, she was responsible for picking of stragglers and anything that might be sneaking up on the group.

As they walked through the room there was a creak of a floorboard before an ambush jumped out. The gunshots that filled the room were deafening and she had no time to think as she raised her bow. Killing one crote, and then another. She watched as those bodies and then countless more hit the ground. Soon it was quiet again… another bad sign, there had to be more.

She took a shaky breath and went to collect her bolts from the dead. That was a good thing about her weapon, the ammo could usually be retrieved. AS she crouched next the the body she heard a familiar chuckle that sent shivers down her spine. She ducked into the open doorway next to her just in time to watch Risa hit the floor. She turned her head and heard a second thump.

Another chuckle made her look back into the room as the brunette woman appeared in front of Cas. She placed her hand on his head as he pulled the trigger. The gun jammed.

“Oops,” the wicked woman said with a smile before Cas dropped dead.

“Alle Alle auch sind frei,” she teased walking through the room.

Ariana could feel her rage boiling inside of her as she shakily raised the bow to aim. The bolt shot out and stopped an inch from the back of her target before dropping to the ground.

“There you are love.”

Ariana started to stand in an attempt to run away before her leg snapped beneath her. She screamed in pain as she hit the floor.

“That’s not very nice of you Ari,” She crossed the room toward the wounded, woman, “It’s been so long since we’ve seen one another.”

Ariana spat at her, “Why would I want to see you Ryan? You can go to hell where you belong,” She tried to scoot away, “Look at what you’ve done. Look at the world. And for what? He doesn’t love you.”

Another snap made Ariana scream, her vision going blurry as the arm she was using to scoot away lay useless on the floor. She took deep breaths trying not to black out from the pain.

“Do you think I care?” Ryan bent down to look into Ariana’s eyes, “Do you think I’ve ever felt love?”

She reached out and put her hands on Ariana’s face, “Love is weakness,” She jerked the head to the side with a sickening snap.

“Love is weakness.” she repeated, letting the body drop.
The Road Less Traveled chapter 1
A supernatural season 5 fanfic my friend and I made for funsies.
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Its been quite a long time since I last posted a journal entry(Considering I've been divorced for a year and Geoff is mentioned in the last one) Any who, working on writing an original story, not going to post it up here but if I can get it going and get it into a comic(I have a few artists in mind that I would love to draw it up) I will be posting it online. But thats all.

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